15 Best Alternative To Backpage and Backpage Replacement Site 2019

Best alternative to backpage and backpage replacement site

Backpage being one of the favorite websites for classified listing is no longer available; since then people started to use backpage alternative sites to explore products and services in their local areas.

Before the site was taken down, backpage was the second largest classified ads site in the US, where you would find listings for stuff like vehicles, furniture, employment, houses, yard sales, and personal dating. While backpage allowed users to post all kinds of goods and services, most of the users visited backpage only for it’s the adult (or) personals section

At its peak, backpage was competing with sites like craigslist and used to be one of the most popular go – to websites to get laid.

But after backpage closure it becomes difficult for the users to find a site similar to backpage or backpage replacement that can offer them the same exposure that backpage gives to them.

This has caused many once loyal users to search for alternatives to backpage. There are many websites for posting and finding classified ads perhaps so many that sorting them through may be confusing for the users.

People keep search for “Best Backpage Alternative Sites”, “Sites similar to Backpage”, “Sites like Backpage”, “Alternative to Backpage”, “Backpage Replacement Sites” or “Best Websites Like Backpage” on the net on regular basis.

To ease up this task Feedingscoop has come up with top backpage alternative websites that online users might find more fun and interesting.

The following platforms, apps and websites are safe, easy to use and willing to couple you with the other people ready to share their experiences and enjoy the same things as you!

Below are some of the best alternative to backpage and sites like backpage that works in 2019 and they’re all 100% free to try.

1. Craigslist

URL: https://www.craigslist.org/

Craigslist - alternative to backpage and backpage replacement site

Most of you may have heard of craigslist before; craigslist is one of the best alternative to backpage. Craigslist was one of the very first sites that have started classified-ads and it soon extended to other categories.

Since then craigslist continues to be one of the world’s most visited websites. It provides services in more than 100 nations. It is considered as the best backpage replacement site after backpage closure.

2. Classified Ads

URL: https://www.classifiedads.com/

Classified Ads - alternative to backpage and backpage replacement site

Classified Ads is a free ad platform like most of the new alternative to backpage. Similar to backpage, classified ads allows you to buy and sell anything you want. On classified ads you can discover a lot about everything that backpage had offered. Creating ads and premium listings on classified ads is another similar feature to backpage.

There are several categories on the website from “real estate” to “electronics” and “jobs”. You can find anything on the website. It is primarily accessible in the U.S., U.K. and Canada. With over 15 million plus users on the website classified-ads is one of the best sites similar to backpage.

The Washington-based company has a strong sense of transparency. Classified ads enable you to connect with verified advertisers without any trouble. The team states: “We’re investing a lot of time and effort in tracking and filtering the material published on the website, so you can be confident that only quality, appropriate listings will be found.”

Many individuals have begun to use the platform for personal advertisement and like the level of privacy it offers.

3. OLX

URL: https://www.olx.com

OLX - alternative to backpage and backpage replacement site

OLX is another famous websites like backpage. Founded in 2006 OLX is one of the fastest growing websites not just in the USA, but all around the world. OLX has several categories, but is famous for its “Housing” and “Electronics” category.

OLX is accessible in over 45 nations, mostly in India, the United States, Brazil and Indonesia. Anyone can post a free-ad and sell their products on OLX.

4. GumTree

URL: https://www.gumtree.com

GumTree - alternative to backpage and backpage replacement site

GumTree is yet another alternative to backpage. You can find different categories on the sites from “appliances” to “office equipment” “services” to “tutors” apart from that, GumTree also allows you to sell professional items such as guides, books, etc. GumTree is available in many countries such as the UK, Australia, USA and many more.

5. AdPost

URL: https://www.adpost.com

AdPost - alternative to backpage and backpage replacement site

AdPost is another similar site like backpage.com, and is available in over 15 countries. It is particularly popular in Asian nations, with more than 30 million monthly visits to adpost, you can sell anything within hours on this website.

6. Oodle

URL: https://www.oodle.com

Oodle - alternative to backpage and backpage replacement site

Oodle is one of the backpage replacement sites that gains attention after backpage closure, It is among top classified ads websites in U.S. and is growing at fast pace. It is also available in Canada, UK, NZ, Australia, India, and Ireland.

If you’re living in one of these nations, it’s the best place to find the products you’re searching for, just post an ad and choose the correct category you’ll find users messaging you in no-time.

The platform is mature with a lot of users, which means there is no shortage of individuals to connect with. Its interface is simple and website management takes care to ensure everyone feels secure when using the website. Oodle is one of the most popular sites similar to backpage.

7. EBay Classifieds

URL: https://www.ebay.com

Ebay - alternative to backpage and backpage replacement site

EBay is another best backpage alternative. EBay is regarded as one of the well-known eCommerce website for buying and selling, but it also has classified-ad listing section where users can list their products and services.

Selling on eBay isn’t free though, you’ve got to pay a small fee depending on the item you’re selling. Selling on eBay is slightly different, sometimes, unlike other websites where you could ask the user to come and pick it up, you have to send the item on eBay.

8. Pernals

URL: https://www.pernals.com/

Pernals - alternative to backpage and backpage replacement site

Pernals is an alternative to backpage and craigslist personals. This platform is intended for individuals who have used craigslist personals for dating. With a few exceptions, it works just as craigslist personals did. It is one of the great alternatives to backpage and craigslist personals.

You just need to create an account first and then create a personal ad and send it for approval. The ad will not appear on the website until it is approved, after which it will be displayed to other interested users.

9. Hoobly

URL: https://www.hoobly.com

Hoobly - alternative to backpage and backpage replacement site

This is another alternative to backpage that enables consumers to place advertisements in multiple categories. The platform also has a separate personals section where users can post free personal ads to connect with like-minded individuals.

Hoobly has a simple interface and it’s easy to post advertisements on it. It also has a pretty nice system for fraud detection to keep out scammers. While it is not always feasible to totally stop scams, hoobly has a mechanism to make the platform safer.

10. Locanto

URL: https://www.locanto.com

Locanto - alternative to backpage and backpage replacement site

Locanto has a worldwide presence and is a well-established site used by millions of people. The website is accessible in over 60 nations, making it one of the largest classifieds platforms on this list and the best alternative to backpage.

Locanto is devoted to security and is even running an active blog to give users advice and help. If you’re searching for a secure and reputable website, locanto is an excellent option. The website also has a mobile version and an app for both iPhone and Android.

11. PennySaver

URL: https://www.pennysaverusa.com

PennySaver - alternative to backpage and backpage replacement site

Like all the backpage replacement sites, PennySaver is a local classified website, which implies that users can find products and services in their local region.

The original PennySaver Company has been around for more than 50 years so they have extensive experience linking users to sellers or buyers. Also, PennySaver helps to prevent scams and spam. Users have a decent amount of privacy and are aware that their private data will stay secure.

12. UK Classifieds

URL: https://www.ukclassifieds.co.uk

UK Classifieds - alternative to backpage and backpage replacement site

UK Classifieds is based in the United Kingdom and has more than 740,000 listings and is another such site similar to backpage in UK. It’s safe to say this site is very popular there.

The platform offers a big amount of categories such as Health and Beauty, Sports and Leisure, Property, Services and Skills, etc. Almost anything legal can be found and sold on this platform.

Personal Services, Escort Services, Friendship / Companionship, and other such personal ads are some of the most common categories on this platform. It is one of UK’s most popular sites like Backpage Personal.

13. Geebo

URL: https://geebo.com

Geebo - alternative to backpage and backpage replacement site

Geebo has been around since 1999 and is ranked on one of the most visited websites in the classified-ad listing category with over 3 million visitors. Geebo is a great backpage alternative site to list your products.

Like all sites similar to Backpage and Craigslist, Geebo provides users with many categories to take advantage of.

The platform is dedicated to socially acceptable advertisements and the team is doing their best to eliminate spam from their platform.

14. Kijiji

URL: https://www.kijiji.ca

Kijiji - alternative to backpage and backpage replacement site

Kijiji was founded in 2005 and is one of Canada’s largest websites and the best alternative to backpage. This is a very common platform for classifieds and is often compared to sites like Backpage and Craigslist personals.

It has a powerful presence in Canada and operates in several local groups such as Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia. This platform is regarded the most popular classifieds site in Canada and has millions of live advertisements.

If you are searching for the best classified-ad websites in Canada Kijiji is your go-to website.

The Bottom Line

Backpage has been around for nearly two decades, available in 15 languages, serving more than 869 cities around the world, so it really made a name for itself in the online classified space.

Backpage has had its controversies, however, which is why we wanted to provide you with the best sites like backpage to use in its places. Unlike backpage, These applications and platforms are secure and easy to use.

So don’t waste your time looking for alternative to backpage or backpage replacement, register or post advertisement and explore these sites.

The Rise of Chatbots in P&C (Property & Casualty) Insurance


Retail industry experts describe 2018 as the year of AI and voice technology. The world has moved on and adopted the technology and that will be also applied to the insurance industry.

The insurance industry is shaking hands with evolving technologies. The latest study by TCS shows that the insurance industry outspent an average of $124 million in AI systems.


Most insurers have chatbots and AI on the screen. Insurers are learning how chatbots can enhance sales and marketing, underwriting, claims, and customer service. About 80% of insurance underwriting will be automated soon. The Chatbot, which is shorthand for automated insurance is on the rise, and the P&C industry is beginning to comprehend how this evolving technology can be best explored. 

The world’s first Chatbot was called Eliza. “She” was a computer program wrote in 1966 by Joseph Weizenbaum. And since then, they have been used to speak to people. Chatbots are a form of AI that enables insurance businesses to stay accessible to clients 27*7 — even when employees are engaged in other duties or out of the office. Chatbots by assisting thousands of queries simultaneously can allow fresh efficiencies in the insurance industry and are now being used to support both clients and agents in many fields.

AI Powered Chatbots

As technology improves, chatbots are likely to flourish in the data-intensive insurance industry where their capacity to spot trends and cross-reference data will enable them to create informed choices rapidly.

Chatbots can enhance the experience of customer service ranging from risk analysis and validation of claims to algorithms that allow smart human conversation, creating a world where clients have 24/7 access to insurance professionals.

As easy as a Human Conversation

For clients to provide information, the conversation is a simpler and more convenient process than tedious form-filling. A chatbot is merely an algorithm that can generate a natural human discussion for answering questions and providing data.  

Chatbots are used to provide policy citations, account and accounting data, and in the case of certain insurance techs, easy claims are processed.

Chatbot feedingscoop

In the insurance industry, chatbots are increasingly used to assist agents and in customer-facing applications such as boarding fresh customers and claims for processing.

Currently, there are more than two dozen insurance clients who use conversational bots for multiple uses ranging from customer service to inner help desk. Bots are also accepted for underwriting assistance, consultancy services for agents and for onboard support for HR teams.

Real-life Humans talking to Real-life Computers

The technology has changed the interaction of customers with mobile devices. Chatbots take a rigid strategy to comprehend words and sentences and in seconds can answer questions correctly.

On average, about one in four consumers at this point prefer chatbots for many insurance interactions. As these chatbots grow more advanced, they are becoming more comfortable to use by businesses and customers.

The Rise of Chatbots in P&C (Property & Casualty) Insurance

On the customer-facing end, one of the greatest benefits of a chatbot is that it is accessible 24 hours a day and does not involve human intervention. They can also “talk” with thousands of customers and respond simultaneously to thousands of issues, enhancing communications effectiveness.

While it’s still early days for the industry, there is great potential to provide a more personalized experience in the customer’s choice channel while tapping an information source to further comprehend user practices and personalize the customer experience.

What is Digital Marketing

Marketing by experts is defined as

“The management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably”

What is Digital Marketing

This definition underlines the focus of marketing on the customer while simultaneously inferring a need to link to other business operations to accomplish this objective.

With how available the web is today, the manner in which individuals shop and purchase has changed alongside it – which means offline marketing isn’t as powerful as it used to be.

Marketing has consistently been about connecting with your audience in the opportune spot and at the perfect time, that implies you have to meet them where they are already spending time i.e. on the internet. The fact that gave birth to digital marketing.

Digital marketing, one of those new most frequently used term while planning your marketing strategies, is a marketing technique used to connect with and influence your potential customers. The real difference is that you communicate with these clients online and influence them. In spite of using different communications techniques to traditional marketing, is nothing more unique in relation to traditional advertising when we attempt to see it in terms of the end goal and objectives that marketing has always had?

There’s no getting around the fact that almost all businesses, at some point or another, must include digital marketing in their marketing activities.

Feedingscoop has recognized that digital marketing can be utilized to help some of these aims of your marketing strategies as follows:

Considering the importance of digital marketing, in this article, we’ll discuss digital marketing, its channels, and potential in detail.

What Is Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is advertising your product and services through digital channels.

It uses the internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines, and other new channels that help you to introduce people to your company and convince them to buy your products.

The growth of digital marketing since the Nineties has modified the manner brands and businesses use technology for marketing.

In some ways, digital marketing is not that different from traditional marketing: You have a product that you simply have to sell and you’re looking for ways to engage with customers to create brand awareness and eventually “close” a sale.

People often believe that digital marketing is all about promoting content through content marketing and social media but the real fact is that digital marketing is far broader than this. Digital marketing can be done in two ways online and offline. And, both of these are important for preparing a well-rounded digital marketing strategy.

We can see that often there is a focus on promoting of products and services using only online modes of digital marketing overlooking the offline mode thus ignoring the core principles of marketing i.e. customer experiences, relationship development and the importance of multi-channel integration and end up in getting low-performance results of their campaigns. You need both forms of digital marketing for a super effective marketing strategy and excellent results.

What is Digital Marketing

Thus coming down to its simplest form, digital marketing is defined as simply:

“Achieving marketing objectives by applying digital technologies and media.”

In order to broaden the knowledge of digital marketing, It is essential to understand the 5Ds of digital marketing.

The 5Ds describe the possibilities for customers to communicate with brands and for companies to reach and learn from their audiences in distinct ways:

1.    Digital devices – the combination of connected devices including smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, TVs and gaming devices through which audiences can interact with brands over their business websites and mobile app.

2.    Digital platforms – browser or apps or platforms like Facebook (and Instagram), Google (and YouTube), Twitter and LinkedIn over which customer interaction can be done on a large scale.

3.    Digital media – Various paid, owned and gained channels of communication to reach and engage audiences including ads, email and messaging, search engines and social networks.

4.    Digital data –the data collected by businesses through their audience profiles their interaction and their business relationships.

5.    Digital technology – Marketing technology used by companies to generate interactive experiences.

With the integration of all these modes, you can prepare a suitable digital marketing strategy that can deliver you all-round results for your campaigns.

Why Digital Marketing Matters

The success of your marketing campaign depends on how effectively you catch those eyeballs and pursue them to act. That’s why digital marketing matters, it focuses on getting the attention of users from the place they are more likely to spend most of their days. You can see this from the fact that Google and Facebook generate more revenue than any traditional media company.

What is Digital Marketing

With digital marketing, you can have full control over your audience and their insight. It helps you to focuses on a different key performance indicator (KPI) for each channel so they can be measured properly.

This helps you to prioritize which marketing channels to spend more or less time on, meaning you can make more informed decisions about how to attract customers right at the top of the marketing funnel.

It enhances your system for Content Performance and Lead Generation. It enables you to define trends in how individuals are researching and buying your product, helping you make more informed choices about which components of your marketing strategy deserve more attention, and which components of your sales cycle need to be refined.

Types of Digital Marketing Channels

Digital marketing is facilitated by multiple channels but we classify digital marketing channels broadly into two online and offline. These are further divided into different modes

What is Digital Marketing

·        Online marketing

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Pay Per Click (PPC)
  5. Affiliate Marketing
  6. Native Advertising
  7. Email Marketing
  8.  Online PR
  9.  Inbound Marketing

·        Offline marketing

  1. Enhanced offline marketing
  2. Radio marketing
  3. TV marketing
  4. Mobile Phone Advertising

Online marketing

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most common digital marketing Channels

What is Digital Marketing

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization or SEO refers to the process of growing your online visibility in organic search engine results. It is the process of optimization of your website for a given set of keywords to rank high in SERPs for those keywords.

At its heart, SEO aims to create the best website for your customers.

2.Content Marketing

The goal of content marketing is the creation and promotion of content assets to generate brand awareness, traffic growth, lead generation, and customers. The content is made for getting viral over the net to increase audience interaction.

3.Social Media Marketing

Social media is a key component of your marketing strategy. This practice encourages your brand and your content on social media channels in order to raise brand awareness, drive traffic, and generate company leads. It allows you to interact with your customers more closely.

What is Digital Marketing

4.Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC is a way to drive traffic to your website by paying a publisher each time your ad is clicked. One of the most popular kinds of PPC is Google Ads, which enables you to pay for top slots on the results pages of Google’s search engine at a price “per click” of the links you place.

5.Affiliate Marketing

This is a kind of performance-based advertising that gives you the commission to promote the products or services of someone else on your website. Many well-known businesses such as Amazon have affiliate programs paying millions of dollars a month to websites selling their products.

6.Native Advertising

Native advertising refers to advertisements that are primarily content-led and featured on a platform alongside other, non-paid content.

7.Marketing Automation

Marketing automation refers to the software that serves to automate your basic marketing operations, such as:

  • Email newsletters automation
  • Social media post scheduling: 
  •  Lead-nurturing workflows 
  •  Campaign tracking and reporting

8.Email Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most effective digital marketing channels. Email is often used to encourage content, discounts, and activities, as well as direct individuals to the website of the business. It is the medium to get in touch with your potential customers or the people interested in your brand. It is the most effective technique to build brand trust and loyalty.

9.Online PR

Online PR is the practice of using digital journals, blogs, and other content-based websites to secure earned internet coverage. It’s similar to traditional PR but in the online space. The channels you can use to maximize your PR efforts include:

  • Reporter outreach via social media
  • Engaging online reviews of your company
  • Engaging comments on your personal website or blog

10.Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing relates to a marketing methodology whereby at every point of the purchaser’s trip you attract, engage and delight customers. You can use every digital marketing tactic to build a customer experience that operates with the client, not against them, throughout an inbound marketing strategy.

Offline Digital Marketing

Your digital marketing approach is not complete with online digital marketing alone is worth knowing. To achieve your objectives, you should consider and execute certain kinds of offline marketing.

1.Enhanced offline marketing

Enhanced marketing offline is offline marketing using electronic equipment to increase user experience. Some of them are even interactive, displaying people’s live feeds on the square or customer images.

Any product demo is an important part of your digital marketing strategy if you have any type of electronic product.

2.Radio marketing

3.TV marketing

4.Mobile Phone Advertising

You can encourage your customers to use SMS to obtain unique offers, coupons, and updates from your business.

Cold calling is the act of calling and attempting to sell something to an individual without previous interaction.

Also, text messages are a wonderful chance to encourage a gift you’re making.

Using text reminders as a client service can also improve your mobile marketing. Another alternative is to build a loyalty program where your clients can trade points gathered in an app or when they pay by phone.


I hope this article has broadened your point of perspective a little and showed you the potential of digital marketing. There is no essential need for digital marketing to always be separate from the marketing department as a whole, as both goals are the same, but in terms of digital marketing requiring a certain set of skills to make effective use of digital technology, it is different.

Top 20 High PR Social Bookmarking Sites 2019

What is Social Bookmarking?

Top 20 High PR Social Bookmarking Sites 2019

Social Bookmarking is a known SEO Technique utilized for producing quality backlinks (link building) along with branding and promotion of your site. If done properly, it can drive enormous traffic to your site. Top Social bookmarking sites can make your site famous within a niche of time everywhere on the web. Social bookmarking is one of the most effective yet easiest link building and brand promotion strategies in SEO.

Social bookmarking sites have gained their importance and become increasingly popular in recent years. These are high potential platforms for advertisers who are looking to promote their content and build awareness for their brand.

However, before connecting your site link to any bookmarking sites make sure that you have picked the top social bookmarking sites list for SEO to start your undertaking.

Some bloggers face the problem that even writing good articles consistently they are not getting a considerable amount of traffic to their blogs. The reason behind this is that they have chosen the low PR social bookmarking sites for SEO to propagate their content. If you don’t know how to do bookmarking in a proper way you will end up getting low traffic to your site and all your efforts result in vain.

In SEO the role of High PR social bookmarking sites is increasing day by day. By social bookmarking, we can acquaint our site and blog with different relevant categories for getting quality backlinks with organic search traffic.

Top 20 High PR Social Bookmarking Sites 2019

Without much effort, you can share your blog on the top free social bookmarking sites to generate user engagement. It is the most effortless approach to relate your website or blog to a different niche. Sharing a blog post or an article with quality content over these bookmarking sites can increase the odds of your content getting viral. This can create interaction with users which increases brand awareness and make your blog more authoritative and trustworthy.

By submitting on high PR bookmarking sites, your blog post will be indexed more quickly and also generate new relevant traffic to your site. It also improves domain authority, reduces bounce rate. Each bookmark provides a backlink to your website.

Thus it is considered as one of the best Off-page SEO techniques to generate traffic and backlinks to your site.

Let’s get started with social bookmarking sites 2019

Top 20 High PR Social Bookmarking Sites 2019

It is essential to know how to bookmark your website or blog in different top social bookmarking sites to get the results. We have provided you with a High PR Social Bookmarking Sites List 2019. Go through all social bookmarking sites on the list and register yourself there.

Before starting to post your content on social bookmarking websites, you need to be aware of some rules and regulations of different bookmarking sites. Not all sites work in the same manner. Top social bookmarking sites are very strict in their approval terms and don’t allow spamming in the post.

For making your blog post authoritative you need to be informative in your post. You just need to make an attractive profile by posting catchy blog posts. Create an innovative title and creative description for your blog post. Add targeted keywords in tags or keyword field and choose the category that is the most appropriate for your post link. Comment, share up-vote or like others’ posts to attract traffic towards yours.

Benefits of Top social bookmarking sites

Top 20 High PR Social Bookmarking Sites 2019

Here are some major benefits of High PR social bookmarking submission sites:-

  1. Fast indexing – social bookmarking sites are the fastest way to index your website or blog post in search engines– Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.
  2. Quality backlinks – linking to Top High PR Social Bookmarking Sites you will get quality backlinks.
  3. Huge traffic potential – Submission to top social bookmarking sites helps to generate new relevant traffic.
  4. Good medium to viral your content – By submitting on high PR bookmarking sites for SEO you will get relevant traffic to viral your blog post at that pace that you have never imagined.
  5. Help in improving your domain authority and bounce rate. Due to huge traffic, you can improve the Page and Domain Authority of your website or blog.
  6. Social bookmarking helps in blog categorization. It is one of the best options to link with if you are creating your brand.

Do you want more than 10,000 relevant visitors every day for your website or blog? Then yes top social bookmarking sites for SEO can help you in achieving your goal.

Go through this free social bookmarking sites list 2019 below, these are high DA and PA social bookmarking sites and are very helpful in achieving a good amount of traffic to your site

Top 20 High PR Social Bookmarking Sites 2019

Top 20 Free High DA Social Bookmarking Sites List 2019

S.NOSocial Bookmarking Sites

Top 15 Free Broken Link Checker Tools 2019

Broken link checker tool
Broken link checker tool

What are the broken links?

A broken link is a web-page which when navigating the server gives the message “the page does not exist or is not found”.  These are the links that can’t be found or accessed by a user, for the reason that they may not really exist, or maybe “lost” due to a malfunction, server or site configuration. Web servers will return an error message when a user tries to access a broken link. Broken links are also known as “dead links” or “link rots.”

Examples of a broken link error code

Here are some of the error codes that a web server may revert for a broken link:

404 Page Not Found: The page/resource doesn’t exist on the server

400 Bad Request: The host server can’t understand the URL on your page

Bad host / Invalid hostname: The server with that name doesn’t exist or is unreachable

Bad URL: Malformed URL (e.g. a missing bracket, extra slashes, wrong protocol, etc.)

Bad Code: Invalid HTTP response code: the server response violates HTTP specifications.

Empty: The host server returns “empty” responses with no substance and no reaction code.

Timeout: HTTP requests timed out during the link check

Reset: The host server drops connections for being either misconfigured or too busy.

Reasons For Broken Links

There are various reasons that broken links can occur, for example:

  • The website owner may have entered the wrong URL (misspelled, mistyped, etc.).
  • The URL structure of your website has recently changed without a redirect.
  • If the site has a change in design either technically or visually, during transferring content to a new structure, due to lots of data, the technical algorithms sometimes become non-responsive due to overload while moving page content – broken links in such cases inevitably appear.
  • When you link to an external site and a change occurs in its domain name, site structure or page deletion due to which it is no longer available is offline or has been permanently moved in this case the link to the page without will also become broken.
  • Another cause can be when websites have an automatic update of content or other data from an external source with real-time data processing on the Internet. Failures in such systems can be the cause of broken links.
  • The web page was either moved ore permanently removed from the site i.e. If you delete old and unnecessary pages and documents – but on other pages, there are links to these pages in their content. They become “broken” (causing what is known as a 404 error).
  • Due to error in the coding structure, broken elements within the page gets generated.
  • The user is having an active firewall software that blocks access to the website.
  • Geo-location restriction on the website does not allow outside access(such as an Intranet site or a restricted access area on a website).

There are several more reasons for the appearance of broken links, but we’ve identified the main ones, and we’ll probably stop here.

Why Are Broken Links Important For SEO?

The Internet is an exceptionally powerful platform from its very beginning and it keeps getting more dynamic. Thousands of new sites are being created daily and a lot of exist already. The number of pages indexed by search engines is increasing every day. So it is very essential to make the site free from broken links as it affects the indexing of your site and decreases your site quality for search engines.

Broken links will affect your SEO, however, small no of broken links doesn’t have that deep effects but having too many broken links on a single page might indicate that a site is either not responding or offline. Google’s guidelines use broken links to determine the quality of a site, so you must constantly check for broken links and fix them when Google notifies you of a new issue detected on your site. A site that hasn’t been updated or checked for a long time may have lots of broken links, which create a link rot for the website.

Broken Links Will Affect:

User Experience

digital marketing tips

Dead links have a deep impact in terms of user experience. Search engines also focus on providing a better search experience to users and broken links on a page is strictly against this objective. Search engines understand that there will be some broken links on a website but lots of links can not be avoided, this will inevitably reduce your reputation.

Broken links are very bad for the user’s attitude to the site. They can be problematic for website visitors, making them unable to access the desired resource or information.

Consider a person who came for information on your site, saw a link on the topic, to find more information, clicks on it, but there’s nothing there.

These users may decide to make use of another site to find the necessary information elsewhere as they might not be as forgiving as the search engines for regular disruptions.

Bounce rate

Visitors to your website determines their decision based on usability, experience, load time and content. A 404 error page is frustrating and its existence on your site makes the visitors move on to a different site that can provide them the information they need.

The bounce rate is measured by the number of time visitors spend on your page, and if the user doesn’t stay for a certain amount of time, they will be considered to have “bounced” from your page. The less time they spend on your site, the higher the bounce rate.

When you have unhappy visitors on your site, they spend more time on your website, resulting in a higher bounce rate. Search engines consider the sites with higher bounce rate as irrelevant and irresponsible.

Your Google Ranking

As mentioned above an irrelevant site with low responsiveness lower down the ranking of your website in the Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

When Google sees a high bounce rate for a site they will assume that the visitors didn’t find what they’re looking for and will remove the page from the SERPs.

Broken links also affect the indexability of your website. When a web crawler reaches a broken link it stops the indexing process, which can hamper your chances of getting noticed and rank in SERPs.

Your Revenue

Dead pages don’t only have an impact only in terms of the search engines and users, it will affect your business too. They are a great blockage in the conversion process. No matter how much effort you have spent in getting customers to your site, if it is not resulting in getting conversions, all of your efforts will be a waste.

Other than having a loss in revenues, you are losing the customers as well. This is because when a customer is unhappy, he/she will propagate this to others and try to strike your image in the market and finally you will end up losing not one, but more customers.

Difficulty in Handling Broken Links

The worst thing about the broken links is that they are not easy to recognize and even don’t appear to the owners in general. It’s rare for the site owner to have a complete check on the analytics for broken links.

If your site has fewer pages, it is easy to control broken links, but fr bigger sizes it becomes a lot more difficult to control them. Especially when you refer to web documents from several other sites – you can not always keep track of the availability of all links from the sites.

The most important thing that needs to be understood that the appearance of broken links is a natural, unstoppable process. The larger your site, and the more often you refer to your own or other people’s pages – the higher the probability of broken links on the site.

It is difficult to fight against this (especially on other sites) – so we recommend to periodically monitor their presence on the site. This is more effective.

How To Check For Broken Links On Your Site?

The best way to keep an eye on these problems is to monitor your website regularly. Whenever you notice changes in the conversion rates, bounce rates or your traffic, you must check for the no of broken links on your site.

It will be overwhelming to check every single link on your website manually. The simplest and fastest way to see if you have any broken links is by checking your google webmaster report and see if there are any broken links or not. This makes things easier for you to identify broken links. If you have a larger site, you can also use tools for deep analysis of your site to identify broken links.

Google Search Console:

Google Search Console can help you in checking for broken links and will notify you if found. But the limitation is that they only show URLs on your website and not external links.

You can find these errors in your Google Search Console > Crawl > Crawl Errors reports.

How To Fix And Remove Broken Links On The Site?

Depending on the size of your website and the amount of content you upload daily on the site, you should have a site audit for once a month to check for broken links. For smaller sites, you can manually handle this issue by checking each and every link on the site but it is preferred to use the tools to do your work as it can have a deep insight into your site and provide you a broader report on this issue with necessary recommendations with it.

You can use these practices to fix, change and remove the broken links on the site

  • Check Google Crawl Errors
  • Avoid deep links on the website unless (or until) required.
  • If the link is an external link, reach out to the linking website and request a fix
  • Use of redirection mechanisms, which will redirect users to a new location of information in case of broken links.
  • Recreate and replace the content at the broken URL.
  • Redirect (301) the broken page to another relevant page on your website.
  • Leave as a 404, show a “hard” 404, not a “soft” 404.

Eventually, by following this process, you can eliminate most of the broken links from your site. This can prevent your website from indexation problems, you can also put broken links in robots.txt file and disallow them. This way they can’t be indexed by search bots.

There are lots of tools available to check for the broken links, site availability, etc.. Here is the list of 15 top broken link checker tools which can be used for website link verification testing that can make your work easy.

S.No Website Recommendation Level
1 brokenlinkcheck.com High
2 drlinkcheck.com High
3 deadlinkchecker.com High
4 google.com/webmasters/tools High
5 screamingfrog.co.uk/seo-spider High
6 websitepulse.com/tools.php High
7 chrome.google.com/checklinks Low
8 powermapper.com/link-checker Low
9 wummel.github.io/linkchecker Low
10 validator.w3.org/checklink High
11 free-link-checker.com High
12 elsop.com/download Low
13 relsoftware.com/wlv Low
14 home.snafu.de/xenulink.html Low
15 imninjas.com/broken-links Low

Top High DA Free Australia Classified Sites [Post Free Ads in Australia]

Top High DA Free Australia Classified Sites [Post Free Ads in Australia]

Posting your business ads on high DA Australia classified sites can promote your business and reduces the gap between you and your audience, also you can make quality backlinks for your website.

Top Australia classified sites not only puts you in front of your audience but also provides you an opportunity to generate a quality backlink to your site this not only helps to enhance your backlink profile and but also improves your SEO. Free classified sites are the most economic medium to reach your audience. 

Here is the list of Top High DA Free Australia Classified Sites List that can offer you great exposure to promote your business online for free. These High DA Australia classified sites also help in improving your website rank in various search engines result pages.

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Free High PR UK Classified Sites (Top Sites in UK)

Free High PR UK Classified Sites (Top Sites in UK)

The High PR UK classified sites are good to advertise your content in the UK. These top UK classified sites give you huge exposure to your business. Most of them are completely free to post your ads.

While preparing an effective marketing strategy you must include free classified sites into your plan as they are the medium where you can generate traffic to your site for free of cost and with the least amount of effort and time. These have a lot of potentials to increase your rank in SERP’s and assist your marketing strategies in delivering results.

Here is the list of free classified sites in the UK to list your ads and promote your business.

Free High PR UK Classified Sites (Top Sites in UK)
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Top Free Classified Posting Sites in India (No Registration Required)

Top Free Classified Posting Sites in India (No Registration Required)

Classified websites are one of the most promising Off-Page SEO techniques to create high-quality backlinks. Business owners can post their ads on these Indian classified sites to drive quality traffic on their websites. Here is the list of most popular Indian classified sites that can help you to create quality backlinks for your website.

Top Free Classified Posting Sites in India (No Registration Required)

Here is the list of Indian classified sites 2019 where you can advertise your products and services to reach a broader audience group for free

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