This is actually the most important aspect and a must followed thing in a relationship. Most of the misunderstanding takes place when we fail to have proper communication. I suggest that if you ever feel that something is going wrong or there is some issue that is affecting you, just simply go and discuss it with your partner. Try to know the reason behind it first and then decide your further steps. Maybe by this, you can understand your partner’s point of view in the issue and seriousness for your relationship this can help you in coming to any conclusion and taking a decision with mutual understanding. Before taking any decision, try to communicate first as it not only increase understanding between you and your partner but also reduces the chances of separation.

We never want to lose the person we love because of some misunderstandings that can be sorted if discussed at the right point of time. If the situations go wrong in a relationship and you want to move on from it do it in a respected manner. Many couples due to lack of communication with each other face difficulty in ending their relationship at a healthy stage and thus lost their respects for each other at the end. It’s always been easy to come in a relationship but is always hard to move on with the same respect for each other as you have in the earlier stage of your relationship.


Show respect to your partner and their views, the same way you want from your partner for yours. Feeling respected makes your partner’s life cherished and sweeter. If you respect your partner she/he will love you more than you even expect. It’s also about honoring the decisions made by your partner.

Everyone here wants to love and respect from their partners, and it’s a two-way process. If you give them both of these, you will get both. When you trust your partner, you will never fail to respect them. This will make you and your partner feel confident and develops extra affection towards each other. We all are human beings and all we want is LOVE.


This is the major reason for the endings of the relationship. Anger is an unavoidable thing but an aspect that must be handled with care for a healthy relationship. If not handled properly it makes you self-absorbed and would not let you see the good. If you ever feel exhausted about the actions of your partner, don’t burst immediately. First, try to keep your mind calm and give some time to yourself. By this, you can have a cool and calm mind and thus you will be able to listen and understand the main reason behind it and then you can take suitable actions accordingly.

It’s the most researched truth that we always take the wrong decisions when we are angry. Do not let the anger decide your fate. Be the one who takes a decision with your understanding by this you will never feel regret for your actions.


We usually get bored after being in a relationship for a long time as we do not have something new to look forward to, and it can be a major cause for many of the couples to have breakups. One of such vital thing to avoid this is regular tune-ups. This simply means to do something new once a week like watching new movies together, visit any couple workshop, plan a trip or simply read a relationship book together. Just generate some excitement in your relations with any such activity that generates interest and involves participation at both ends. This will totally make you feel good about your partner and will help you to be tuned in the relationship. It can allow you to think more and makes your brain much peaceful.


At last but not the least EFFORTS. This is the major thing to keep relationships alive. If you want to be in a happy relationship try to effort more and more to keep your partner happy. Most of us when entering into relationships we try harder to keep everything perfect so as to make our partner feel special and comfortable. But as time passes both get to know that he/she is not gonna go, and thus become irresponsible in many things and decreases our efforts. This makes a relationship boring and thus ends in getting disinterested towards each other and then leads to the end of a relationship. So try to keep your efforts alive and so will your relationship. If you do efforts you will receive the one from the other side. It is true for any kind of relationship that you had in your life, be it with your partner or with any other person that makes a presence and has importance in your life.