World Sparrow Day is celebrated on 20 March. The aim of this campaign is to raise awareness for the conservation of house sparrow and then other common birds, and the threats to their populations. It is an international initiative to save the population of house sparrow started by the Nature Forever Society of India in collaboration with the Eco-Sys Action Foundation (France) and various other national and international organizations all over the world.

The first World Sparrow Day was celebrated in 2010 and from then the day was celebrated in different parts of the world. On this day various kinds of activities and events like art competitions, awareness campaigns, and sparrow processions as well as interactions with media are carried out by Nature Forever Society of India. Huge participation in these events can be seen by bird lovers all over the world.    

On 20 March 2011, NFS has instituted the first Sparrow Awards in Ahmadabad, Gujarat to encourage efforts made towards this cause and to increase the awareness of this campaign.

In 2013, Sustainuance magazine has joined forces with NFS as one of the key facilitators and supported the Sparrow Awards.  

Reasons to Celebrate World Sparrow Day

The sparrow is one of the most omnipresent birds on earth and is also one of the oldest companions of human beings and has evolved with us over the period of time. The common house sparrow can easily be seen in many parts of the world and is one of the most common birds in the world,

In recent years, the population of this bird has been on the decline at a fast pace. Their decline is an indicator of the degradation of the environment around us. There is a need to think about the health risks and the factors causing the decline of this bird.

As being one of the most common birds in nature their conservation will also help us in saving the common biodiversity of birds.

The goal of this campaign is to collectively inspire others to join the celebrations and also inspire other peoples for the conservation of house sparrows and their habitat across the planet.

This day is celebrated to create a platform to highlight the need for conservation of sparrows and their biodiversity. It’s not only an event that is celebrated for a day but is a goal to create awareness in the world. This event brings individuals, national and international groups together to work for the conservation of birds and also helps in attracting the attention of government agencies and the scientific community highlighting its need in the present scenario.

Theme Of World Sparrow Day 2019


The theme for WORLD SPARROW DAY is I LOVE Sparrows. The aim of this theme is to create a rational relationship between PEOPLE AND SPARROWS.

The theme highlights the love that people have for sparrows and how citizens from different walks of life are making amazing efforts they are doing to conserve sparrows.

The theme figures out amazing people that are devoted to the cause and bring them into the limelight thus by looking at them, others will also get inspired and join the conservation movement to save sparrows.

Ways To Be A Part Of This Nobal Cause

You can visit this site for more info about the campaign and the ways to join the campaign

It’s a good global cause and we must join the campaign as the birds are an integral part of our ecosystem. Their extinction will also affect our habitat thus need to be conserved for the betterment and to maintain the beauty of the earth environment.