Lessons To Learn From Successful Blogs

Blogging is the most effective way of reaching out to people through your words. The blog is a powerful platform to market your products and to convert leads. It’s a more organic way to interact with potential customers and to market your products by means of quality content. A blog is a great way to highlight the expertise, service/products, and personality of your brand. Due to these benefits every third person who has his feet in the digital marketing field wants to start or has started blogging, But each blog doesn’t get the success due to the fact that exceptional blogs know that their content is dictated by their audience, not the other way around and thus the majority of the blogging sites at the end results in no vain.

A successful blog is one that kept its uniqueness and completely locks into their target audience. A blog must highlight niche topics that align with the blog’s core focus so that it can hit a clear spot in the eyes of its audience and can clearly reflect them the main objective of the blog i.e the message that you want to convey with your blog must be clearly visible to your audience.

Lessons To Learn From Successful Blogs

For a blog getting noticed is a major aspect that defines the amount of traffic you receive on your site. When it comes to marketing your content over the net the more eyeballs you can gather the more the chances you have to make a space for yourself in market and when the marketing initiatives lines up well with your the site’s main focus and target audience this can also increase the opportunities for you to make money from your blog.

For those who are managing blogs and wants to increase their traffic, there are some lessons that we can take from some successful blogs.

Crowdsource the content to your advantage and Use the power of niche topics to attract more visitors.

Crowdsourcing is the fastest and one of the best way to collect a range of content over various topics and this also helps in maintaining the uniqueness of every content. You can drive contents from a pool of individual bloggers and content creators that vary from professional writers to politicians, these unpaid contributors can write on niche topics of public interest and attract more visitors to your blog

One such example of this is The Huffington Post.

Lessons To Learn From Successful Blogs

The blog initially focuses on American politics is now has expanded to include a wide variety of other topics and localized editions. The blog regularly tops lists for global traffic and revenue. They’ve achieved this through pulling in content individual bloggers and content creators rather than directly employing all of its own writers. This helps them in gathering quality content of public interest for free.

Give the people what they want (sex, scandal, fame, fortune, failure) and do it quicker than anyone else.

Being first is always an advantage. The breaking scandal, the sexy photos, and the shocking titles, always attract the nosy human being and try to pique the reader’s curiosity and keep them clicking for more.

Tapping into people’s curiosity and cleverly crafting your post titles is a key to catch the audience to read your blog.

It’s not just the type of ‘news’ shared, but how to do it i.e. the way it is organized and the catchy title that makes the users click on the news to read more.

Lessons To Learn From Successful Blogs

The TMZ, a wildly popular U.S. celebrity gossip site is famous for its U.S. celebrity gossip, the breaking scandal, the sexy photos, and the shocking titles. The content, combined with its ability to share big stories first, is the reason for returning and constant users to TMZ.

Know your audience. 

It is very essential to know for whom you are writing and what is their interest. The sole purpose of your content must highlight from your blog to your audience. Your writing style and selection of topic should be in align with your audience and their interest else there you will face a huge communication gap between your content and your readers.

Lessons To Learn From Successful Blogs

One such example of perfect audience insight is Business Insider, a blog focused on sharing and analyzing business news with an emphasis on the financial industry. You can easily observe from their content that how precisely they have targeted their audience and only focus on their interest and write for them.

Uses humor, alternative perspectives, and research to connect with the niche market it targets.

Humor always has a great impact on people. A message encoded with humor not only attracts the people to read but also delivers a deep message in an easier way. Humor helps in retaining user interest while reading large contents.

Lessons To Learn From Successful Blogs

Thorough research and complete understanding of the topic can make you represent the alternate perspective of any topic rather than only focusing general perceptions that users lack interest in.

Your content should be in a fashion that it can highlight the objectives of your blog and focus in the form of content full of humor as i.e.it is able to convey the message to the readers It should be self appealing to the users that read our blog, it’s awesome. While writing for the people in the way that they can relate it with their life by presenting them with the alternate viewpoint for a topic can help you in generating users interest while they read your content

Lessons To Learn From Successful Blogs

One such blog that has used humor as a key to its success is the Phrasee blog. The blog covers topics such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and email marketing effectively uses humorous words and writing style that keeps the interest of its users while reading the content. 

Making the most out of amplifying your message or content on social media channels early on can reap great rewards.

Social media with its huge potential and reach is a great source to drive traffic to your blog. Marketing your content over social mediums can help you in targeting a larger audience at a single place. Viral content can have the potential to bring immense traffic to your site and can make you popular overnight it can be easily be demonstrated by the recent number of YouTube and Twitter stars that become popular overnight by their viral content.

Lessons To Learn From Successful Blogs

One such blog that has effectively used the social medium for its success is Mashable a site that shares social media news and updates. It is now a go-to source for social media and tech news.

Roll with the punches and learn to adapt to changes in your structure and messaging if needed.

To evolve with time is a key to sustain in the competitive market. The technology and interest of people are changing thus it is necessary for you to adopt those changes. There is a nice competition in the market and peoples are using modern trends to attract the users thus to cope up with the changing trends it is necessary that you must learn to adapt to changes in your structure and messaging when required.

Lessons To Learn From Successful Blogs

Gizmodo, a tech-centered site that also excels at sharing a good dose of design, science and science fiction news, uses a number of different bloggers to capture and share a constant stream of posts. While the blog has stuck to its roots, it has also gone through major organizational change and still come out on top.

Help people and show them what to do.

People are always in need and to help them do their work can give you an audience that can stick to you if they find you suitable for them.

Sites like Lifehacker, Pinterest and other ‘how to’ sites and platforms do incredibly well showing other people how to do something in a way that often makes their lives easier or helps them get ahead.

Lessons To Learn From Successful Blogs

Providing people with the Tips, tricks, and downloads for getting things done is the major KPI of these sites and thus have a huge social impact on the lives of their audience.

Be timely and relatable.

Being relatable is an aspect that is necessary for your blog to retain users. People don’t want the exact facts about things but the most important point is what impact it has over their life. If you are able to relate to the issues of the people i.e. what they actually want to know and timely provide them with the solutions you are far ahead in the competition. The reason for most of the blogs getting failed is that they are not able to relate with their audience.

Lessons To Learn From Successful Blogs

Addressing the issues of people through your content is a bit difficult task but if you are able to do so you have a good chance to emerge as an influencer and social celebrity over a short period of time. The key point to understand is that your average Joe may not care about all the intricacies of how a new mobile camera works, but they do care how it will affect their photo quality or phone cost. The same goes for marketing – be relatable.

One such blog that gained popularity for being relatable to its audience is TheVerge. The blog looks at technology news including how technology, science, art, and culture intersect and what impact that changes have on the life of people. 

Stick to your guns. Consistency, perseverance and telling the truth usually pay out.

Being honest is very important as people around you wants an honest review from you and if they won’t find it true can have a serious impact on your presence. Covering the points that are necessary for the people to know and providing them with the true facts about it can generate trust among your users and build an honest image of you in the market.

Lessons To Learn From Successful Blogs

The Daily Beast, one of the leading news blog that focuses on politics, pop culture and world news is a source of honest information for many people to rely on. Telling truth has a great impact over the mind of people and they usually agree to pay out for it.

Don’t underestimate the value of thought leadership.

Being a leader is not an easy task but there is always some advantage that a leader has over others. People trust them and rely on them for their needs this is the fact that being a leader is the most beneficial thing in blogging and this fact has great importance when we talk about how much people like to geek-out on tech news. Technology is expanding at a fast pace and people want fast and reliable news to cope up with it. 

Lessons To Learn From Successful Blogs

TechCrunch one such blog Covering technology and startup news is one such leader that the people rely on for their tech updates. The blog is famous for its being critical during product reviews. A positive product post or review on TechCrunch is like striking gold.