Top 20 Free SEO Audit Websites

What is Seo Audit

SEO audit can simply be characterized as the analysis of websites targeting certain factors that are important with respect to search engines. In general, it is the complete SEO analysis of a site so it can line up with search engine guidelines for the higher position in organic search results. As the contribution of organic traffic with respect to total traffic to a website is very high thus it is necessary for the websites to be optimized according to the search guidelines. A well-optimized site has higher opportunities to rank higher in SERPs for their focused keywords than its rivals.

We can primarily divide components of the SEO audit into three components on the basis of determining issues, opportunities, and recommended fixes.

  1. The technical infrastructure of the website
  2. On-page analysis
  3. Off-page analysis
Top 20 Free SEO Audit Websites

Paid vs Free Seo Audit Websites

There are various websites that can provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your website for these factors but due to high pricing, the majority of the users rely on free SEO audit sites. Obviously, the paid SEO audit website can have a more detailed and thorough SEO analysis of your website when comparing it with respect to your competitors and can provide you with more insight into the issues in their reports but the pricing they charge you for the services are very high. That is something everyone can’t afford especially the beginners.

Top 20 Free SEO Audit Websites

Here come the role and importance of free SEO audit websites. We can have a quick check or overview of your website issues through these free tools. These sites give us free access to check our SEO score without giving up our google account. The majority of sites cover all the important SEO factors but being free they do not provide you with the recommendations to resolve these issues(the leverage that paid users have over free users).

Knowing the significance of free SEO audit websites in the life of general people here we come with the list of top 15 free SEO audit websites that can provide you a brief but all the necessary SEO analysis reports for your website.

Top 20 Free SEO Audit Websites
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