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FeedingScoop is an online magazine portal build to provide the most cultured and updated information about each and every buzz on the net. Since after the launch of the site in 2019 we continuously work for the engaging online content that matches the user intent for that content query by combining the latest digital technology and lots of hard work.

FeedingScoop provides comprehensive runway coverage of all the major buzz on the variety of topics like fashion, seasonal trends, the latest social, celebrity and news, and lively, information leading the digital transformation of websites and much more.

We collect information about the content and topic from a range of sources and across a variety of sites and use it to make more relevant and informative for our users on our network.

We believe that ideologically narrow and thin answers to user queries are less adequate, and can even be more destructive. So we decided to provide our users with a handful of ideas through our authentic contents that are aimed to provide our users with a handpiece of relevant information that guides them and help them in their work.

Our hope is that this commitment helps us be as meaningful as possible to you in your life, and as good a force as possible for the world around us.

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