The Rise of Chatbots in P&C (Property & Casualty) Insurance

Retail industry experts describe 2018 as the year of AI and voice technology. The world has moved on and adopted the technology and that will be also applied to the insurance industry. The insurance industry is shaking hands with evolving technologies. The latest study by TCS shows that the insurance industry outspent an average ofContinue reading “The Rise of Chatbots in P&C (Property & Casualty) Insurance”

What is Digital Marketing

Marketing by experts is defined as “The management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably” This definition underlines the focus of marketing on the customer while simultaneously inferring a need to link to other business operations to accomplish this objective. With how available the web is today, the manner in which individualsContinue reading “What is Digital Marketing”

Top 20 High PR Social Bookmarking Sites 2019

What is Social Bookmarking? Social Bookmarking is a known SEO Technique utilized for producing quality backlinks (link building) along with branding and promotion of your site. If done properly, it can drive enormous traffic to your site. Top Social bookmarking sites can make your site famous within a niche of time everywhere on the web.Continue reading “Top 20 High PR Social Bookmarking Sites 2019”

Top 15 Free Broken Link Checker Tools 2019

What are the broken links? A broken link is a web-page which when navigating the server gives the message “the page does not exist or is not found”.  These are the links that can’t be found or accessed by a user, for the reason that they may not really exist, or maybe “lost” due toContinue reading “Top 15 Free Broken Link Checker Tools 2019”

Top High DA Free Australia Classified Sites [Post Free Ads in Australia]

Posting your business ads on high DA Australia classified sites can promote your business and reduces the gap between you and your audience, also you can make quality backlinks for your website. Top Australia classified sites not only puts you in front of your audience but also provides you an opportunity to generate a qualityContinue reading “Top High DA Free Australia Classified Sites [Post Free Ads in Australia]”

Free High PR UK Classified Sites (Top Sites in UK)

The High PR UK classified sites are good to advertise your content in the UK. These top UK classified sites give you huge exposure to your business. Most of them are completely free to post your ads. While preparing an effective marketing strategy you must include free classified sites into your plan as they areContinue reading “Free High PR UK Classified Sites (Top Sites in UK)”

Top Free Classified Posting Sites in India (No Registration Required)

Classified websites are one of the most promising Off-Page SEO techniques to create high-quality backlinks. Business owners can post their ads on these Indian classified sites to drive quality traffic on their websites. Here is the list of most popular Indian classified sites that can help you to create quality backlinks for your website. Here isContinue reading “Top Free Classified Posting Sites in India (No Registration Required)”

Top Free Canada Classified Sites [New Updated]

Classified sites in Canada are the most common method to advertise business and services in Canada. To help you out in selecting top free classified sites in Canada here we are with the list of high DA, PA free classified sites in Canada. Just post your ads and enjoy it.  S.No. Canada Classified Sites ListContinue reading “Top Free Canada Classified Sites [New Updated]”

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