keyword research tools

Best Keyword Research Tools In 2019

What is a keyword? keywords are the words and phrases in your web content. These are the words that explain the ideas and to subjects of the content i.e what your content is about. In terms of SEO, they’re the terms and phrases that searchers enter into search […]

article spinner

Free Article Spinner Websites 2019

Article spinning is the process of re-writing an article by using synonyms of the words and similar phrases to create new “original” copies in an attempt to avoid duplicate content issues when article marketing your website. Thus using good article rewriting tools is a must for avoiding Google’s […]

sitemap in seo

Free Sitemap Generator Tools 2019

What is a Sitemap? Sitemaps are the collection of every single URL on your website and provide the search engine crawlers with the organization of your site’s content that needed to be crawled thus makes the crawling process fast. The sitemap contains information about the pages on your […]

backlink checker

Top 20 Backlink Checker Tools 2019

Before coming to the list of Top 20 Backlink Checker Tools let’s understand some basics of backlink generation. What are backlinks? Backlinks are links from other websites that point to pages on your website. It is simply linking back from their website to yours. Thus backlink for a […]

website audit

Top 20 Free SEO Audit Websites

What is Seo Audit SEO audit can simply be characterized as the analysis of websites targeting certain factors that are important with respect to search engines. In general, it is the complete SEO analysis of a site so it can line up with search engine guidelines for the […]


Lessons To Learn From Successful Blogs

Blogging is the most effective way of reaching out to people through your words. The blog is a powerful platform to market your products and to convert leads. It’s a more organic way to interact with potential customers and to market your products by means of quality content. A blog is a great way to highlight the expertise, service/products, and personality of your brand. Due to these benefits every third person who has his feet in the digital marketing field wants to start or has started blogging, But each blog doesn’t get the success due to the fact that exceptional blogs know that their content is dictated by their audience, not the other way around and thus the majority of the blogging sites at the end results in no vain.